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Getting started with Azure Continuous Delivery

I have used Azure now for a few years to host a personal project for a family run company.  The process has always been really simple, check into Github then Azure automatically picks up the changes and deploys directly to the cloud.

If its so good why did i change this?

I’m a sucker for new technology and when I was in Azure earlier I noticed a new option under my Web app called Continuous Delivery.

This is a preview feature but I knew if it didn’t work then I could easily change it back.  This is a great new feature of Azure as you can now run unit tests as part of the really simple  build process.  So found out quite early that you can only have one deployment configuration active so I removed the old deployment step and continued with the Continuous Delivery setup.  Im not going to go into the steps to set up as the following tutorial was what i followed –

What are my thoughts on this and will I keep using this?

Short answer yes the process is really good and honestly gives me the confidence in regression testing as its running my unit tests.

The first 4 builds actually failed due to issues with my code and how I didn’t have the db context mocked for an audit class that I have built for my website.  In addition i selected the option for the VS online build and release to create a staging environment for deployment.  This is great as the unit tests are run in an isolated environment with no database.


Then the load testing aspect this is a really useful feature however took a little while to find in visual studio online.  Under the Test menu us a sub item for Load Test.  This has all the load test runs and also the info, currently all mine are throwing a 502 so need to get the resolved, but this is on the staging instance!

Next Steps

So this is a great feature and i think everyone should try it out.

Next for me is to try and get Selenium running with this to give a proper CI pipeline that not only tests the controllers and models but also the front end.

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